Next Level Fit with Neha Premjee

with Neha Premjee

Next Level Fit with Neha Premjee

with Neha Premjee

Next Level Fit with Neha Premjee

(28th June - 28th September, 2021)

with Neha Premjee

The gentlest way to say it is this:

You’re not happy in your body right now.

You’re comparing yourself to other, skinnier girls, and you always feel like you’re coming out on the bottom.


How are they able to look like that? It seems so easy for them!


But for you, it’s a serious struggle to lose the weight and feel like the fit Goddess you know you have the potential to be deep down inside. What gives?


You try to bury your head in the sand and avoid it…but it always manages to pop back up.


When you step on a scale, see a photo of yourself, or go dreaded jeans shopping, that’s when you REALLY notice how much extra weight you’ve put on in the last few years.


And that does NOT make you feel good.


You’ve been trying to get into a healthy routine practically every week...but every 3 days you fall off the wagon, binge eat and tell yourself you’ll start again….on Monday.


Sometimes you barely even recognize yourself.


Who is that girl in the mirror? I don’t know her.


Your weight and your body are affecting your whole life — not just the way you talk to yourself behind closed doors, but how you show up in the world.

Maybe you don’t want to get dressed up or go out anymore. It’s yoga pants and a baggy T-shirt all day every day, because that’s the only thing that feels comfortable.


You keep telling yourself that you’ll dress better once you lose the weight, but that day hasn’t come as yet. And when you’re forced to be social in public, you hide in the back of the group photos, angling your face just right so you can avoid the infamous double-chin shot. #relatable


Okay, and while we’re going to the secret places, let’s talk about love and sex for a hot second. Maybe you’re telling yourself you’ve gotta lose weight before you give love a chance to show up in your life.


You’re constantly anxious about being judged by men, by your friends, by parents, by strangers, by people on the internet — and on top of that, you’re judging yourself too.

Maybe you don’t want to get dressed up or go out anymore. It’s yoga pants and a baggy T-shirt all day every day, because that’s the only thing that feels comfortable.


You keep telling yourself that you’ll dress better once you lose the weight, but that day hasn’t come as yet. And when you’re forced to be social in public, you hide in the back of the group photos, angling your face just right so you can avoid the infamous double-chin shot. #relatable


Okay, and while we’re going to the secret places, let’s talk about love and sex for a hot second. Maybe you’re telling yourself you’ve gotta lose weight before you give love a chance to show up in your life.


You’re constantly anxious about being judged by men, by your friends, by parents, by strangers, by people on the internet — and on top of that, you’re judging yourself too.





Let’s talk about what’s not working right now (And don’t worry, I don’t judge):


You don’t feel like you’re confident and comfortable in your skin. Whenever sh*t hits the fan, you’re quick to reach for the nearest crunchy, salty, sweet, or ooey-gooey junk food availability.


And you don’t stop at just one. Oh, no, girl! You’re no quitter! You’re scarfing that whole bag!


And then shame-burying it in the bottom of the garbage bin so there’s no evidence of the crime that just took place in your kitchen. I mean, if nobody knows it happened, did it really ever happen at all?!


You’re no novice when it comes to dieting either.


By now, you’re nearly a professional. Carb-free? Keto? Intermittent fasting? The Zone? The pickle and hot dog diet? Paleo? Vegan raw eating celery but only on Wednesdays? Check mark, check mark, check mark, check mark… “This time, it’ll be different,” you tell yourself.


The problem is, you’re an all-or-nothing perfectionist.


The second you deviate from the plan, you might as well alert the cavalry, because mama’s about to go off the rails. Meanwhile, you’re wiping sauce from your upper lip as you go down the Instagram rabbit hole of before and after weight loss photos, telling yourself that you’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.


And by the way - those diets you’ve tried? They aren’t customized to your unique body at all, are they? Nope, they’re a one-sized-fits-none type of deal, where everyone and their grandmother is supposed to eat the exact same number of calories and food groups in the same amount — despite the fact that everyone’s body is completely different.


How is that supposed to work?!


Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.



The moments where you think about your body and cry.


The times you have to toss your iPhone across the room because you can’t look at another skinny girl in a bikini without feeling ashamed.


The part where you wonder if it’s ever gonna get better, or if you’ll be trapped like this for life.

You want to feel SEXY!

You want to feel ALIVE!

You want to feel JOYFUL!


You want to confidently walk into a room and turn every head — including your own! And yes, you want to lose the weight too…and keep it off PERMANENTLY.


(Oh my God, did you hear that? It sounded like angels singing?)

If you’re feeling like that’s a far off dream right now, let me be the first to tell you — it’s not.

  • You’re NOT destined to be overweight

  • You DON’T have to be a slave to diets.

  • You DON’T have to torture/starve/abuse yourself to drop the pounds.

  • And you DEFINITELY DON’T have to go on this journey alone.

Hi, I’m Neha.

I know your secrets, my friend. Because they were my secrets too.

I could have given up, but I didn’t.​

I knew there HAD to be a way for me to feel and look better in my skin. And I found it in Ayurveda.


It was perfect for me because I didn’t want to give up my tasty Indian food! I’m a not-so-secret desi-princess who loves her homemade dal and rice, and Ayurveda allowed me to eat foods that tasted delish and gave my body what it needed — without having to count micros and macros or driving myself up the wall with one of those free food calculator downloads.

It took me years to realise that “lack of self control” was never the problem, the methods I was choosing to get me to my goals were!


Only when I shut off the noise, turned to yoga, and learned about Ayurveda and its beautiful, holistic system of looking at the whole being did it click for me.


I addressed my emotions, healed deeply, re-formed my thoughts and completely overhauled my self-image. I learned that in order to change my body, I needed to change my relationship with myself.


When I did that — while simultaneously choosing different foods and exercise that took into account who I was — that’s when my body really transformed.


Ayurveda wasn’t about taking some external diet and applying it to my body.


It was about understanding how my body was composed internally and then giving it what it needs. 


It makes so much sense, right?!


Your body isn’t the same as anyone else’s body. Your cells are YOUR cells. Your hair is YOUR hair. Your hips are YOUR hips. So why would you take an off-the-shelf diet and try to force yourself into a box made for someone else? 


Ayurveda is different. Ayurveda focuses on what feels amazing to YOUR BODY. 


The exact nourishing foods. The hydration. The sleep. The right movement. 


Finally, I had a holistic approach that didn’t just focus on calories in and calories out. Ayurveda was the OPPOSITE of that. It made losing weight feel like the most natural thing in the world.


And that’s exactly what happened — for the first time in my life, I lost weight and kept it off. 


It’s been YEARS since I discovered Ayurveda, and I’m happier and healthier than ever: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.


Now I teach my clients how to use Ayurveda to achieve their weight loss goals, too.


With me, clients lose up to 40 pounds in 4 months and 65 pounds in 6 months.


They heal their PCOS. They balance their hormones. They change their lives by changing their body.


Now it’s your turn.


  • You’re finally eating based on what your body needs. No more out of control cravings or reaching for any food that’s in sight. You know exactly how to feed your body in every moment.

  • You wake up centered in your routine, happy in your body, feeling amazing as you walk and pick out a hot outfit from your wardrobe and spend your day feeling energized, confident and like your inner Queen has been unleashed.

  • The negative self-talk is gone. Instead of saying harmful things to yourself, you’re treating yourself with the level of love and respect you deserve. And others around you can see the change, and treat you differently.

  • Your skin starts to clear up. The break-outs stop. It’s smoother than ever — and you didn’t even need to shell out a bunch of cash for Glossier products. Win!!

  • You’ve got more energy than you’ve had in years. The couch isn’t calling your name anymore, and 3 PM naps are a thing of the past.

  • At night, you’re falling asleep faster than you can say, “Damn, I look good!” You wake up well rested. And your snooze button? It’s starting to get dusty from under-use!

  • When you look in the mirror, you give yourself the up-down nod of approval. Foxy! Meow! *Wolf whistle*

  • You’re in the best relationship ever with yourself — and it’s gonna last a lifetime!

  • You’re feeling confident, strong and accomplished. Your body is reset at a cellular level and your hormones are balanced. You did it! And now you have the tools to stay on track — for life.

Don’t believe you can do this?


Let me be the first to tell you:


YOU CAN. Promise. Cross my heart and all of that.


But if you need more proof, here are other women

just like you who’ve hit their weight loss goals:



"Neha Premjee changed my life.

And I will never be the same"

I worked with Neha for 4 months and lost 40 pounds. The biggest result I received, wasn’t surprisingly the weight loss. It was the proper understanding of HOW MY BODY WORKS!


Right off the bat I could tell- this woman is INVESTED. She truly treats your success as hers.


I have always been an extreme kind of a personality. I either need to eat super clean, get an hour long workout in, eat no sugar, get 8 hours of sleep, drink 2 liters of water. If I missed any part of this formula, I would fling on the other side of the extreme spectrum, where I would eat brownies, purposely not get any movement in, screw up my sleep pattern- the works. You’ve all had the toxic lover named “Self-Sabotage” haven’t you? Well, Neha helps you divorce that little rascal.


What I love about Neha is that she tackles all parts of your well-being. She understands and advocates that physical, mental, and spiritual health ALL go hand in hand. She will make you see and get in touch with the HEALTHIEST version of you. Before I met Neha, I never would’ve thought of myself as a fit or health person. Today, at the end of my program, I truly believe that I am a fit person. I am a healthy person.


My favorite part of the program has to be her insanely knowledgeable video calls. I swear every time I hang up, I say THIS was my favorite call so far! I have said this before and I will say it again, Neha is not just “health coach” she truly is a life coach. In fact, through her program, I have reduced the frequency of seeing a counselor. I realized as I was shedding the weight, I was also shedding the anxieties away. Today I stand 40 pounds lighter. Neha has taught me ALL the tools I need to know, in order to drive my fitness journey as far as I want to take it.


I remember in our introduction call I said to Neha, I have had so many trainers and dieticians and I am afraid of getting another one. And her response to me was that she was sorry to hear that I had to go through multiple coaches in the first place. Ideally you should only require a health coach once in your life. Because you’re supposed to learn how to approach your fitness. That is exactly what she did. She taught me how to implement healthy, SUSTAINABLE eating habits, without cutting carbs, or having to count calories. She helped me understand my body through the help of Ayurveda. Neha’s patient, understanding, knowledgeable nature will help you get to your fitness goals, and she remains one of the best investments I’ve made!

Dolly Adnani, Lost 40 pounds in 40 months

"I finally feel in control and I owe all of my progress to Neha"

‘Neha’s program has changed my whole life! She has changed the way I think about food, not just in terms of the amount but also the types of food that align with my body type.


For the first time in a really long time I stopped using calorie counting apps like MyFitnesspal. Being obese as a child and struggling with my weight, I never thought it was possible to live life without counting calories.


Now, I’m seeing major changes in my body just by following her program, which she has designed specifically for my body type. Neha has also helped me recognize a lot of detrimental behavioural patterns, some of which were deep in my subconscious.


Neha has helped me understand and accept the new me. I am finally starting to make peace with my past, and with Neha’s help, I have started to see who I truly am. Who I have always been. I just had been hiding her under layers and layers of emotional eating, excess weight, & a self-sabotaging inner dialogue.


I finally feel in control and I owe all of my progress to Neha.

- Tanya Thanawalla

"I lost 7.5kg in 8 weeks"

The first day I joined the program I honestly wasn’t sure how well my body would respond to her coaching.


But slowly and steadily through Neha’s personal training, diet and exercise made me realize how to control my body through my mind.


Earlier, I was not able to understand my body, whether I should focus on carbs or fats, what to eat and what to avoid. With Neha’s guidance, I focused on quality and quantity of food.


I Lost 7.5 kgs in 8 weeks!


All thanks to Neha for pushing me, and spreading her positivity. I am genuinely happy with my progress. Now I cant stop following my healthy regime!


Thank you, Neha.

- Abhijeet Singh, New York City


Inside Next Level Fit, I’ll hold you by the hand and walk you every step of the way.


Here’s what we’re gonna cover together:


The foundation of Ayurveda is understanding your unique dosha and balance of elements in your body.


Inside this assessment, you’ll answer questions about your hair, your skin, your sleep, your digestion, and your body. Once you do, you’ll receive an entire eating and exercise plan you can use to correct the imbalances in your body and start to shift back into your natural state of being.


This will give you major clarity on why you’re drawn to certain foods and how to bridge the gap between what you THINK you should be eating and what your body actually desires.


Plus, you’ll get a unique movement plan that’ll work for YOU.


No more heading to YouTube and typing in “Easy HIIT workouts” while you watch some bro named Chad tell you to do 50 burpees in the next 90 seconds.


Every imbalance in the body energetically shows up physically. In month 1 we will dive deep into your individual pattern, understand what has been stopping you, and I will personally help re-wire you in a way that you not only achieve your ideal body weight but also feel absolutely amazing on the journey there.


We’ll unpack the emotional eating patterns that play themselves out automatically.


Whether you’re a comfort eater, an all-or-nothing gal, a binger, or a procrastiner, we’ll talk about why you’ve created this relationship to food — and how you can get out of the cycles that have been sabotaging your progress for years.


We’ll re-set your new healthy habits while you’re losing the weight so that all changes are permanent.

This is where we’ll talk about your energetic relationship to success and I’ll show you how to step into your inner Queen.


How do you draw healthy boundaries with yourself and others? We’ll cover it. How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you’d rather be elbow-deep in a bag of popcorn watching Friends re-runs? I’ll tell you. And of course, the biggie biggie biggie: why the way you’re talking to yourself about your body just plain isn’t serving you, and how to raise your vibe by raising your words, and how this impacts the way the world responds to you.


You’ll learn how to cultivate good habits that support you in losing weight, and of course, how to maintain your weight loss once you’ve reached your goal. You’ll also discover how to set up a healthy routine for yourself that you can use far beyond the length of the program. 


You’ll learn how to keep up with the momentum you’ve built and operate in a state that feels good long after the program ends. This is where you’ll learn how to put all the pieces together and keep them humming in perfect harmony.


  • 1 Private Deep Dive Coaching Session with Neha ($2,500 Value)

    Because weight loss can feel deeply personal, I wanted to give you the space to go one-on-one with me and talk about how you’re feeling. This way I can give you my best personal advice and coach you through the tough stuff you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about with anyone else

 ** Use coupon code EARLYBIRD to receive $1,000 off the pay in full price ** 


You'll receive everything above plus:

  • Two additional private coaching calls with Neha ($5,000 value)

    To go even deeper, cover more ground and focus on any aspect you need help with whether it is stabilising your thyroid, reversing PCOS, how to change your self image or an Ayurvedic skincare routine that rocks your world

  • This is like having me on speed dial whenever you’re struggling and need someone to talk you down from that bag of potato chips I know is hiding in the back of your pantry right now.

  • An individualized weight loss goal tracker

    I'll personally monitor whether you’re hitting your weekly goals and staying on track with your commitment to yourself.

 ** Use coupon code EARLYBIRD to receive $1,000 off the pay in full price ** 

"I am so grateful that our paths aligned"

I learned about Neha and her work through instagram and I was instantly drawn to her for two reasons: my interest in an Ayurvedic lifestyle and more importantly her genuine push to help her clients individually.


From my very first conversation with Neha, I knew she was someone that I could connect with on a deeper level. She took the time to understand my needs and how my body works in relation to my mind. She was unapologetically ready to dive deep into my well being, even before I was. 


One of the main reasons I wanted to work with Neha was due to my struggle with endometriosis and weight fluctuation. She really helped me understand how my emotions are so connected to my body and habits and how bringing everything on the same page is so important.


Neha takes it upon herself to really get to know her clients and tailor a program that works for them and their specific needs. She helped me understand my body and how to tackle my endometriosis head on.  


I am so grateful that our paths aligned and Neha came into my life.

- Pari Amin, Boston

"Neha truly listens to you"

The program with Neha was such a beautiful insight into the mind/body connection and it was a very wholesome program. I loved how Neha incorporated not only workouts, but yoga sessions, meditation, and Ayurvedic approaches to food, all in one. 


Not only is Neha super knowledgeable on all of the above, but she brings such a positive energy and light to the group. I loved our weekly sessions and also just learning how everything is so connected.


Neha truly listens to you and is so invested in each of us individually.  During this uncertain time and all of the anxiety we have been surrounded with, she brought peace, calmness and helped us stay grounded. I have gotten the chance to really focus on myself and my body and start listening to it.


I’m grateful for having this chance to work with her and meet this beautiful soul.

- Poojah Chandini Danay, New York City

Here's the skinny


There are only 10 spots available inside

The Next Level Fit Mastermind.


Once they’re gone, they’re gone.